House Concerts are musical performances held in private homes, usually without a sound system, to an audience of 30-40 people. It's a great environment in which to hear acoustic music and a way to personally interact with the musicians.

Promote the concert well in advance and to as many people that you will feel comfortable having in your home. Send email to friends, family, neighbors and all that you know are interested in acoustic music.

Duration of the concert is typically about 2 hours or two 45 minute sets of music with one 15 minute intermission break.

Reservations should be taken over the phone. Consider overbooking slightly to allow for cancellations. Note: Do not include your physical address in general announcements.

Admission prices are typically around $10 and it's important for someone to be responsible for 'working the door' to ensure that everyone that attends has paid their share. Attendance of between 30-40 people will potentially earn $300-400.

CD Sales allow artists to earn extra income from the performance. A designated area for CD sales is appreciated, as is a person to help with sales during the intermission break and after the concert.

Refreshments may be served, but are not necessary. Hosts may decide to simply serve bottled water or allow attendees to bring their own refreshments. Some hosts decide to ask attendees to not bring alcoholic beverages.

Lodging may be offered to traveling musicians. Though not necessary, it is greatly appreciated since hotel/motel costs quickly consume concert earnings.

Chairs are required in sufficient number for the amount of reservations. Folding chairs are perfectly suitable and may often be rented for between $1-2 each from companies that rent party supplies.

Host Fees usually vary up to 20% of door earnings and this helps to cover the cost of refreshments, chair rental, cleaning, etc. For example: A concert with 40 attendees, charging $10 per person will earn $400. The host's share at 20% is $80, a portion of which can help pay for the expenses mentioned above or taken as compensation for the hosts time spent in promoting the event.

For additional information about how to host a House Concert, please email or call 512-468-2265.

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